Creating Your Best CV and Résumé

One of the most important documents you need to apply for an academic or a professional position is a CV or résumé. This is probably the first document that your potential supervisor or employer receives from you and since it is a summary of your skills and experience, it should be written carefully and professionally to increase your chances of admission.

What is the difference between a CV and résumé?

The idea behind a résumé is to have a brief document that shows a person’s job and education milestones in as little as 1 page. By contrast, an academic CV is usually more comprehensive, with a more detailed list of achievements.

The detail that should be in an academic CV:

• Personal information and Contact details

• Education background

• Teaching and academic experience

• Research experience

• Research interests

• Selective courses

• Awards and honors

• Work and teamwork experience

• Skills & extracurricular activities

• Publications

• References

Write Your Best CV with HtB!

At Hit the Books, we can help you write your CV, create a customized one based on a list of skills and achievements you send, or edit an existing one for grammar, conciseness, appearance, etc.

  1. CV Writing Help: Schedule a session with one of our consultants. We can guide you through the entire process or give you some ideas for you to write it on your own. Then, you can send us the CV for editing (see #3!)
  2. Creating a Customized CV: For this, we need you to send us some information about yourself. To facilitate the process, we’ll send you a template for you to fill. Please take your time and provide as many details as you can so we will be able to provide a comprehensive document for you. After getting info from you, we’ll make the primary version of it and send it to you.
  3. Editing Your CV: Do you already have a CV that needs polishing up? Send it to us and our expert proofreaders will edit it, adding comments and suggestions where needed.

Contact us to sign up for this service immediately!

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