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Your Key to Academic Success

We know how a solid understanding of material in elementary and high school builds the road to a bright future. Our team consists of highly educated and experienced instructors who can assist your child all the way from elementary to graduate school! From math and science to social studies and language arts, our team can help with whatever you need! And it's not just tutoring we offer! If your child needs help navigating the university application process or job market, including choosing the correct path for them, an Academic Advising consultation with an experienced team member can help them gain more insight and clarity on their goals for the future!

High School Entrance Exam Preparation

High school entrance exams can be stressful both for students and parents. Our program is designed to prepare your child for the high school admission process. We take three important steps to make sure our students are prepared for their optimal performance on the exam day.

1) Evaluation Exam: The evaluation exam is designed to assess your child’s skills in the following subjects: English comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, writing, math computation and math problem solving. The exam is in multiple choice format, similar to the atmosphere of the actual exam.

2) Targeted Tutoring: According to the results of the evaluation exam, our experts plan tutoring sessions to improve your child’s academic performance. These sessions are based on your child’s individual needs.

3) Interview Course: Some high school entrance exams also include an interview component. We will teach your children essential interview tips and skills that will benefit them throughout not only this process, but the rest of their academic and professional careers:

  • What type of questions they will encounter
  • How to express their ideas clearly and confidently
  • How to manage anxiety

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  • Study Packages: Loved your first session? Sign up for one of our Primary/High School Study Packages! These customizable packages allow you to systematically cover and internalize your Course Material, enjoy the peace of mind and structure that comes with regular instruction, and have priority scheduling so that you can have access to tutoring even during the busiest times of the year. Read more about Study Packages.

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